Private Digital Art Lessons

Get personal online guidance through Skype calls, screen sharing and overpaints. Improve your drawing and digital skills through hand tailored teaching that best fit your needs. We discuss our options and where help is needed the most before deciding whether or not you want to take any lessons. So do not hesitate to contact me!

I speak English, Dutch and French. You need Photoshop for most of the topics (see below).


Note: lessons are paid on an hourly basis.


  • Students

  • Students looking for an internship

  • Aspiring concept artists

  • 3D artists that want to improve their design skills or get better at the presentation of their work.



  • Perspective

  • Materials

  • Light

  • Anatomy

  • Colour theory

  • Composition


  • Techniques

  • Colouring from greyscale

  • Brushes

  • Shortcuts and workflow

  • Integration of 3D and 2D


  • Analyse weaknesses and strengths and what to work on

  • Feedback on tasks and personal work

  • Overpaints

  • Project: Start own project with weekly deadlines and guidance

  • Portfolio

Design process:

  • Visibility, readability

  • Thumbnails

  • Making a moodboard

  • Designing from reference

  • Form follow function

  • Interesting shapes